Creature from the Black Lagoon, Revenge of the Creature, and The Creature Walks Among Us.

Ricou Browning in Costume for the 1955 Film Revenge of the Creature. Follow on twitter. Just Click the image.

A “Pop” In Culture

By Ed Tucker

Collectibles  shows  are  nothing  new  to  the  gang  at  Retrorama  Collectibles  in  Jacksonville,  Florida.    Most  of  the  current  staff  worked  with  a  similar  group,  the  North  Florida  Toy  &  Collectibles  Association  back  when  these  types  of  shows  were  all  the  rage  in  the  mid  to  late  90’s.    Then  a  selling  phenomenon  called  eBay  knocked  the  collecting  world  for  a  loop  and  all  but  the  largest  and  hardiest  of  these  shows  fell  by  wayside  almost  over  night.  It’s  been  over  a  decade  since  eBay  overturned  the  landscape  and  some  interesting  changes  have  been  on  the  rise.


According  to  Retrorama  co-founder  Dan  Tuchmann,  “we  found  that  dealers  were  growing  tired  of  all  the  rules,  regulations,  and  fees  associated  with  eBay  and  they  really  missed  the  days  of  in  person  shows”.    Sensing  that  the  time  was  right  in  Jacksonville  to  bring  these  shows  back,  Tuchmann  partnered  up  with  some  fellow  collectors  and  the  Retrorama  Collectibles  Show  was  born  in  early  2012.    “It’s  a  different  world  now  than  it  was  close  to  twenty  years  ago  when  we  started  doing  this  the  first  time”  said  Tuchmann,“the  economy  is  down  but  people  are  still  looking  for  affordable  entertainment  they  can  take  their  families  to  and  nostalgia  shows  are  perfect  for  that.”   


In  addition  to  being  fun  for  all  age  groups,  collectors  are  always  going  to  want  to  collect  and  no  amount  of  virtual  reality  on  a  computer  can  compare  to  actually  holding  an  item  in  your  hands  before  deciding  to  purchase  it  or  not.    Collectibles  shows  are  also  great  places  to  make  new  friends  and  share  information  about  the  hobby  of  collecting  with  like-minded  people.  After  all,  most  dealers  are  collectors  themselves  and  everyone  enjoys  talking  about  their  collection.  “I  consider  us  very  fortunate  to  have  the  mix  of  vendors  that  we  do”  says  Tuchmann  “we  have  a  lot  of  people  who  come  to  the  show  looking  for  information  on  items  that  they  can’t  find  elsewhere  and  our  dealers  are  always  happy  to  help  them  out.”


Variety  also  plays  an  important  part  in  the  Retrorama  Collectible  Shows  so  you  wouldn’t  be  surprised  to  find  original  twelve  inch  G.I.  Joe  figures,  movie  posters,  records,  or  even  vintage  clothing  and  jewelry  all  in  the  same  room.    With  so  much  on  display,  it’s  also  easy  to  find  items  that  fit  almost  any  budget  so  young  and  old  alike  can  add  to  their  collections.    While  it  isn’t  a  hard  and  fast  rule,  the  Retrorama  shows  try  to  put  the  emphasis  on  vintage  collectibles  from  before  1990.  “We  encourage  dealers  to  stock  quality  and  unique  items  that  are  least  twenty  to  twenty-five  years  old  or  older”  said  Tuchmann,  “we  realize  that  popular  culture  can  be  a  broad  theme  so  we  don’t  mind  if  they  have  some  more  recent  merchandise  but  we  find  that  most  customers  at  our  shows  are  looking  for  the  kinds  of  items  that  aren’t  easily  available  elsewhere.”    As  the  old  saying  goes,  everything  old  is  new  again!


The  Retrorama  gang  has  pulled  out  all  the  stops  for  their  next  show  on  August 10th,  2014  at  the  Ramada  Inn  Conference  Center  in  the  Mandarin  area  of  Jacksonville.    In  addition  to  an  expanded  line-up  of  dealers,  they  have  gone  out  of  their  way  to  line-up  in  some  very  special  guests.    “We  look  for  guests  who  haven’t  been  at  every  show  in  the  state  for  the  past  five  years”  Tuchmann  boasts,  “people  have  already  had  multiple  opportunities  to  meet  those  guests  so  we  look  for  ones  that  will  be  unique  to  this  area”.


We pulled out the fishing nets and caught Ricou Browning - the last Original Universal Monster!  Mr. Browning will be our Celebrity Guest of Honor in August and has the distinction of being the only actor to play the Creature in all three movies, along with our Guest of Honor we will have for her first ever North Florida Show appearance, we are proud to announce actress Linda Haynes, who had an a short but incredible knockout career by starring in cult classics like Latitude Zero and Rolling Thunder. But wait there's more back by popular demand David Polk whos impressive career in supporting roles and character roles gets him recognized as "Hey your that guy"

With  so  much  going  on  it’s  a  little  hard  to  believe  the  admission  price  is  kept as low as possible but,  as  Dan  Tuchmann  is  quick  to  point  out,  “we  try  to  make  our  shows  accessible  to  as  many  people  as  possible,  we  know  these  aren’t  easy  times  for  a  lot  of  folks  but  we  also  realize  that  if  they  have  a  good  time  without  blowing  their  budget,  they’ll  be  back.”  Parking is free and advance adult general admission is $5.00 that's 50% off through July 1st, 2014, at which time it will increase back to regular price of $10.00 per general adult admission, children 12 and under are free with adult paid admission or $2.00. It’s  a  trip  down  memory  lane  for  some  and  a  chance  to  peruse  for  fantastic  finds  for  others  but  it  all  boils  down  to  a  lot  of  fun  for  everyone  at  a  Retrorama  Show.

Comic Books, Toys, Star Wars, Star Trek, Wonder Woman, Vintage Collectibles, Antiques, Big Jim, GI Joe, Planet of the Apes, Board Games. (Click on image to purchase discounted advance tickets).

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  7. FLGS - Friendly Local Game Store
    5509 Roosevelt Blvd.
    Jacksonville, Florida 32444
    Store Hours / Sun- Thur: 11 am to 9 pm / Fri: 11 am to Midnight / Sat: 11 am to 9 pm

Comic Books, Toys, Star Wars, Star Trek, Wonder Woman, Vintage, Collectible, Antique, Big Jim, GI Joe, Planet of the Apes

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Celebrity Guest
Ricco Browning
The Last Original Universal Monster

Actor and Stuntman Ricou Browning (Click on image to purchase advance discounted tickets).

Ricou Browning (born November 23, 1930) is an American film director, actor, producer, screenwriter, underwater cinematographer and stuntman. He is best known for his underwater stunt work, playing the Gill-man in Creature from the Black Lagoon, Revenge of the Creature and The Creature Walks Among Us. Other actors portrayed the creature on land. He is also the only actor to have portrayed the creature more than once. He is the only surviving Gill-man actor, and the last surviving original Universal Monster.

Browning worked at Wakulla Springs in the 1940s amd learned to perform in underwater newsreels conceived by Newton Perry, who later took Browning along when he opened Weeki Wachee.

Browning directed the underwater scenes in James Bond's Thunderball (1966 Academy Award winner for special visual effects), underwater scenes in Caddyshack (1980) and coordinated marine stunts in an episode of "Boardwalk Empire" (2010). Iin 2006, Film Florida awarded him its first Florida Legends Award. A Florida native, Browning was inducted into the Florida Artists Hall of Fame in 2012.

Browning started a career in water shows, moving on to produce shows. He moved into movies in 1954, playing the underwater role of the Gill-man in Creature from the Black Lagoon (while Ben Chapman played the monster on land), a feat he repeated in two sequels. He continued in movie production and joined Ivan Tors' studios in Florida, where he was producer on Flipper (1963) and the writer on the following television series. He directed Hello Down There (1969) and Salty (1973). He also worked as second unit director, stunt coordinator and underwater sequence director on a number of features, including Island of the Lost (1967), Caddyshack (1980), Thunderball (1965) and Never Say Never Again (1983).

Celebrity Guest
Linda Haynes
An actress with an incredible PUNCH

Actress Linda Haynes in Latitude Zero (Click on image to join our Twitter feed).

For an actress whose career in films spans a mere eleven years, Linda Haynes managed to strike many key notes.  She made her debut in the 1969 Toho science fiction thriller Latitude Zero alongside such familiar expatriate stars as Joseph Cotton, Cesar Romero, and Richard Jaeckel.  From there she spent several years on television before returning to the big screen in the Walter Hill Blaxsploitation cult classic Coffy starring Pam Grier in 1973.  The following year she starred opposite Jason Miller, fresh from fighting demons in The Exorcist, in the gritty crime drama The Nickel Ride followed by another suspense thriller, The Drowning Pool, with Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward.  In 1977, she appeared with Tommy Lee Jones and William Devane in the archetypical Vietnam veteran on a vendetta picture, Rolling Thunder.  Quinton Tarantino has often referred to this film, which predates the similarly themed First Blood by five years, as one of his favorite cult movies.  As the 80’s dawned, Haynes appeared in her final feature opposite Robert Redford and Morgan Freeman in the prison drama Brubaker.  Needless to say, Linda Haynes packed an impressive career into a short period of time.  


Celebrity Guest
David Polk

"Hey your that Guy"

Actor David Polk (Click on image to Like Us on facebook).

Mr. Polk is a Florida native who got his start in films with Cop and a Half starring Burt Reynolds and the Central Florida lensed television series Second Noah. In recent years he has specialized in cult films like The Deepening, Scream Farm, The Hospital, and the soon to be released Fat Chance. He will be joining us all the way from Nashville for his second appearance at a show in his home state.

Ron Kivett

Actor - Author - Writer
Ron Kivett; Actor, Writer, Author

Ron Kivett; Actor, Writer, Author Screen Plays for classic television series like Wonder Woman, Battlestar Galactica, Salvage 1.

Ron Kivett is best known to North Florida science fiction fans as the writer of the 70’s cult classic monster movie ZAAT as well as designing and creating the creature costume for the film.  He has had a long career since then writing story treatments for classic television series like Wonder Woman, Battlestar Galactica, and the highly underrated Salvage 1 (look it up).  Ron is also a well-respected UFO researcher and has contributed to many related projects including producing his own radio show – Tales of Strange Things.  Most recently he has published his first novel, Knights of the Karrien Moon, a classic science fiction adventure tale in the Edger Rice Burroughs vein.  We are proud that Ron Kivett has chosen our show to premier the hardcover edition of this book so this should be something that science fiction fans won’t want to miss out on.
Chris King

Painter - Sculptor
Artist Chris King

Artist Chris King

Chris King is a multi-talanted artist of several mediums; painting, sculpting, sketch drawings and Mural Art.

Chris King is a advocate for the homeless. King is founder of the nonprofit Least of These My Brethren. Since its inception in 2005, King and whoever else wants to help have provided food, clothing and shoes for those who can't do for themselves....
No one forces Chris King to do what he does. He just wants to give.He's not with a local church or a local charity. It's simply him.
Tim Lawrence

Special Effects Artist
Tim Lawrence special effects artist for movies.

Tim Lawrence shows the zombie teeth he created and wore in Michael Jackson's "Thriller" video.

Tim Lawrence has spent just about all his life playing some serious make-believe. He calls it “character design,” but it’s really just make-believe.

  • He helped turn Michael Jackson into a zombie and played one of those who rose from the dead in “Thriller.”

  • He made T-Rex models for “Jurassic Park.” He was in on the original work to figure out exactly what Shrek would look like.

  • When Bigfoot broke into that big grin in “Harry and the Hendersons,” that was Lawrence operating his mouth.

  • Or how about this: In “Caddyshack II,” Lawrence was the puppeteer who moved the arms of what is probably the most famous gopher in movie history.

Lawrence is 50 now. He came back home to Jacksonville a few years ago to take care of his ailing parents in their last years. Now he’s working on starting a new career — writing and illustrating children’s books.

But he’s got a scrapbook and a couple of decades of Hollywood memories. Of “Beetlejuice” and “Shrek,” of “Ghostbusters II,” “Aliens” and even “Howard the Duck.”

In 1981, he got a job in California, making animatronics for restaurants. “Like Chuck E. Cheese,” he said, “only more expensive.”

And then came the call that really changed his life. He’d met Rick Baker, who was already well on his way to becoming Hollywood’s leading craftsman with special effects makeup.

Baker was going to make a music video, one that was expected to be kind of special. Did Lawrence want in on it? Yes, he did.

So Lawrence joined the crew that spent eight weeks creating zombies for Michael Jackson’s “Thriller.”

“We didn’t know who the dancers were going to be,” he said, “so we had to make all the masks and acrylic teeth ahead of time, then fit them when the dancers got there.

“Michael was there all the time,” he said. “He was very polite, the consummate professional. But he’d be off in the corner by himself, working out moves.”

The five or six in the makeup crew also got to turn themselves into non-dancing zombies. Watch the video and you’ll see Lawrence. He’s the heavy bald one patterned after Tor Johnson in the cult classic “Plan 9 From Outer Space.” (Watch the music video.)

The video went on to change music videos, Michael Jackson went on to become … Michael Jackson, and Lawrence went on to work in a long list of movies, TV shows and commercials.

Sometimes it was still monsters, but for other films it was something as benign as stars twinkling in the night sky for “Mystic Pizza.”

There were the Scoleri Brothers, the dead criminals in “Ghostbusters II.” He was asked to come up with what they looked like, but the only description he got was a script that said “Big in life, bigger in death, the Scoleri Brothers erupt into the courtroom.”

“I knew that Dan Aykroyd wrote it for him and John Belushi,” Lawrence said. “So I figured I’d made one tall and thin and the other short and fat.”

If you’ve seen the film, it looks like the ghostly brothers were completely animated, but Lawrence said they were actually actors filmed and special-effected into looking like ghosts. And he was the short, fat one — under 80 pounds of costume, of course.

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32. Tony Hines……….………................

33. Travis Shrider……........................

34. Rachel Walton............................

35. Nathan Szerdy Artist ..................

36. Christopher Jones .................

37. John Tischler ........................

38. Lars Lundquist...................

39. Deborah Baker..........................

40. Keith Loftus...............................
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